Stay Home Stay Employed: New Business Ideas after Lockdown.

Stay Home Stay Employed_ New Business Ideas after Lockdown

We have been inside our houses for over a month now, and we don’t know when this lockdown will end.

But one thing is for sure. We want to come out with new unique ideas and business to do after the lockdown ends in Bharat (India).

From artists to entrepreneurs, and teachers to tech-developers, we are all looking for some business ideas to do after the lockdown.

Businesses have suffered huge losses and people have lost their jobs because of massive economic slump caused by COVID19.

We cannot wait further without doing anything.

Therefore, we have to become more aware, decisive, proactive and think of businesses that can be started from home during lockdown

So we compiled a list of new business ideas during/after lockdown such ideas, that you learn from scratch during the lockdown. And begin after it ends.

Stay Home Stay Employed: New Business Ideas after Lockdown in India are as follows:

Doorstep Delivery Business

In future, online delivery business will be at boom and customers will prefer buying products online, rather than visiting grocery stores, malls and shopping complexes where there will be more possibility of getting infected.

Doorstep delivery is the best alternative business during the lockdown period, in which various types of delivery services can be initiated, such as essential items delivery, grocery delivery, and alcohol delivery.

Respective licenses shall be required to be obtained from concerned authority to start a specific delivery business.

Wooden Toys

If you use wood and have carpentry skills, then your talent can be put to good use for making wooden toys for children.

Blog Consultant

If you know about blogging then it is for you, A blog consultant is someone who can find out weak areas in your blogs.

She/he can suggest ideas to write better, and help your website rank better.

This person is an SEO expert and objective identifier. They make sure that both the company and consumer objectives are met through the website.

And since e-marketing drives consumers to business, a blog consultant is outside support to thrive the business.

One example of Blog consultant is Neil Patel. You can be a blog consultant too. All you need is to learn these few things: Blogging, Online Marketing and SEO.

You need to start will some small businesses. Maybe do some pro-bono cases and someday you can provide consultation to big firms as well.

You can begin learning from Google’es free digital marketing course or any paid courses on various platforms.

Online Tuition Classes

Students are struggling to reach schools and colleges amid COVID19 outbreak, their education is getting hampered with the passing of time.

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To make the most of this situation; professionals with knowledge, skills and expertise in any specific field or subject can start online tuition or coaching classes for students.

You just need to have a laptop, an internet connection and smartphone to start with online tuition classes, so start today.

 Online Book-keeping

If you are an accountant and you have an engineer friend, your best bet will be to provide online consulting.

In any case, you can also learn how to develop an app, like Khata Book, or file returns for people. You have a range of activities to choose from.

When people find new jobs, lose their CA, the first thing they do is go online and search- “CA near me” or “Online CA” or “Accountant near me”.

If you are an online book-keeper, you have a wide audience to cover.

So, you can start-up after this lockdown ends. Also, you can start today, because tax filing dates in India are near.

Become a YouTuber

People have started earning a decent amount from online social media platforms, among those YouTube is considered as the most popular.

Yes, becoming a YouTuber is trending, if you are really passionate and possess a unique style or aura to make as many followers or subscribers of your channel.

This idea of becoming a YouTuber can churn you as a regular source of income.

Data Managers

A data manager is someone who handles all kinds of data for an organisation. 

Their job description includes organizing, storing and analyzing company data. It also includes safeguarding a company’s security and confidentiality standards.

If you have a strong aptitude for technology and number management, you can freelance your data management services.

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You can learn how to manage data from many free as well as paid courses available online.

A data management firm is one of the most trending business ideas.

Online Event Management

The lockdown has ushered in the era of digital partying. Yes, we are talking about houseparty and birthday party.

If you know how to make people feel lively, the online party business is just getting started.

Gadget Renting

One of the recent trends that we have observed is people renting small electronic items.

Seems like the 90s era is back. You can rent laptops, computers, gaming consoles etc. Find your niche and start.

App developer

For most of the businesses above, you need an app. But this is an opportunity for another business.

You can be an app developer. Design, code and create. And this is big opportunity for Indian.

Virtual Tourism

After the lockdown gets over, people will still not want to go to picnics and foreign trips.

If you can manage to take this online, the trend has only begun! This one of the latest business ideas has been trending since the start-up Culture trips started gaining attention.

Tech Accessories

As we are becoming dependent on technology, the demand for smartphone accessories such as mobile cover has seen a surge.

We can earn good money by making and selling these customized tech accessories from home.

Soap making business

Making soap is not an extremely difficult task. They can also be sold in the local market and online.

Selling healthcare products

With the emergence of lockdown, homemade or small scale mask making and hand sanitizer production have increased drastically to meet the surge in demand of a variety of face masks and hand sanitizers.

Several entrepreneurs, small business owners, self-employed professionals, have opted to start face mask manufacturing and hand sanitizer business, shutting down their already existing businesses during lockdown.

To sell their products; business owners or manufacturers can directly contact local shops, retailers and wholesalers to sell it further to local customers.

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