Marketing Strategies of Appy Fizz

Marketing Strategies of Appy Fizz

Appy Fizz is one of the most popular and loved Soft Apple Fruit Drink in Indian market because of their successful marketing strategies use to target the young consumer.

When Appy Fizz was launched in Indian market, it was the first Appy Drink of it’s type and a new category of Taste.

When did Agro Parle Ltd launch Appy Fizz?

Appy Fizz was launched into the market in the year 2005 by the Parle Agro Pvt. Ltd, The origin country of Appy Fizz is India.

Marketing Strategies of Appy Fiz

Nadia Chauhan, the 34 year old joint Managing Director And Chief Marketing Officers of FMCG major Parle Agro on the Appy Fizz success story the plan to Double turnover by 2020 and more.

Managing Director and Chief Marketing officer of Parle Agro, Nadia Chauhan said in 2018,”We Aim to Build Appy Fizz into an over ₹1000 crore brand in the next two years”

Let’s See the Marketing Strategies of Appy Fizz

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Appy Fizz – A cool Drink to Hang out with:

Appy Fizz, the sparkling Apple Drink was launched in 2005, and he has been the most popular among the youth ever since. The main reason was behind their shapes and attractive Look.

Appy Fizz Summer Campaign:

In 2013, Appy Fizz started its summer campaign with Saif Ali Khan which was an instant hit. According to reports, the hashtag #SaifNFizzhangout trended on Twitter and accomplished nearly 45k tweets.

The campaign had created a buzz on Twitter timelines of over 4.65 million users and added 200% new followers.

Feel the Fizz With Priyanka Chopra:

Bollywood (and now Hollywood) actress Priyanka Chopra was the new brand ambassador in 2016 for Parle Agro’s Appy Fizz. This marks an effort of Parle Agro to rebrand Appy Fizz.

The brand invested around Rs. 70 crores in advertising with a focus on digital as well as television marketing. Additionally, it involved outdoor, print and cinema advertising.

Feel The Fizz with Salman Khan:

Parle Agro, the Indian beverage manufacturer announced the launch of its new #FeelTheFizz marketing campaign for brand Appy Fizz with a budget of Rs. 100 Cr featuring its new brand ambassador Salman Khan in 2017.

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Here’s why Parle Agro has signed Salman Khan for Advertising Appy Fizz

Huge/Large Fan Base:

The fan base of Salman Khan is very large if we compare to previous brand ambassadors of Appy Fizz. Also, Salman’s fans are very loyal towards whatever he chooses to do.

Big Boss Connection/Host:

Nobody better than Salman can host Bigg Boss. This is his 10th year the actor is hosting this show and he is the only reason people watch it.

Television is the main Source of Communication medium for attracting the audience for Appy Fizz and Salman Khan is one of the best in interacting with Television audience because of his experience in hosting Bigg Boss.

Appy Fizz has spent huge money in marketing through IPL campaigns and Bigg Boss.

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