Lucrative Ways of Making Money from Yoga

lucrative ways of making money from yoga

Yoga is one of the booming businesses of aspiring entrepreneurs. People today are more health-conscious and are trying out different ways of taking care of themselves.

Yoga helps us keep fit and takes away our stress. The demand for yoga classes is increasing because of the benefits people get from attending. 

The success trend of yoga gives entrepreneurs a profitable venture, especially when you have a passion for yoga.

The yoga industry continually changes, and business operators work hard to keep up with improving their services.

Here are some ways to make your yoga business profitable (money jalsa):

  • Accept Private Students:

You may look for long-term private clients and maintain an excellent teacher-student relationship. You will notice that you are building additional income soon.

  • Stream Online Classes:
lucrative ways of making money from yoga

Nowadays, there are plenty of online streaming apps that people use.

Google Hangouts, Skype, and Facetime are some of the apps that you can use to share your yoga sessions with your students.

This applies especially to people who find it more comfortable doing yoga classes in their living rooms rather than going out and spending time commuting to get to the studio.

Online courses will benefit you more as it gives your students no reason to miss your session, and payments are made online. Bring your yoga business online and see it flourish. 

  • Teach Yoga to Athletes:

Today’s modern sports are now considering yoga as part of their developmental program for their players.

If you can find an organization that needs yoga classes, it would be your opportunity to earn and sustain a respectable profit.

There are also individual athletes who will want to hire you for private sessions that will increase your income.

  • Sell Your Yoga Class:

Some people value their privacy more than anything. They would instead prefer to practice their yoga sessions alone and with no interaction with anybody.

Situations like this give you another opportunity to render your services by selling your recorded yoga tutorials.

There are plenty of platforms where you can sell your videos. You can start by joining forums and pages that cater to individuals interested in yoga. 

  • Create Your Own YouTube Channel:

The Internet has just about anything that you would search for. You can even find plenty of videos about yoga, and there are yoga classes that you can also purchase.

Take advantage of this opportunity because you can profit from this steadily.

You can start by setting up your own YouTube channel and sharing your links to your friends and groups.

When you have enough followers, you can also set up your page for affiliate marketing. Take it a step further by researching selling links. 

  • Host a Yoga Workshop:

Many people are very interested in the practice of yoga. In fact, many choose to attend workshops.

Once you have an advanced yoga teacher training, it would be easy for you to make money giving talks about yoga, including all the basics and technicalities that one should know about the practice.

  • Provide Yoga Retreats:

Do you know that many people make yoga retreats a part of their itinerary when they travel?

If you want to make money by providing retreats, you have to prepare well. The key is building partnerships and marketing your service to the right people.

Once you get this right, you can build a steady stream of income from yoga retreats. 

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  • Become a Yoga Writer:

What do you do when you have so much knowledge about a topic? You write about it.

You can submit your write ups to a local, regional or national magazine and get paid by the article, or you can also publish it on your blog and earn money from affiliate links.

  • Podcast about yoga:
lucrative ways of making money from yoga

Podcasting is like blogging: it’s a great way to build an audience but takes a long time to earn big money.

Luckily, it’s easy to get started: you just need a microphone and an interesting theme to talk about.

Besides building traffic to your website, podcasts can earn you money by selling sponsored ads at the beginning of your episode.

  •  Mentor new yoga teachers:

Over 15,000+ people become certified to teach yoga each year in the US alone and that number is only growing by the day!

Remember when you first started teaching? Imagine how helpful a mentor would have been!

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  • Post sponsored content on your social media + website:

Once your online following starts to grow, consider partnering with yoga/niche brands. They will pay you for mentioning them on your website/social media.

Remember: Avoid partnering with brands you don’t support – it will hurt your credibility!

  •  Create your own certification program:
lucrative ways of making money from yoga

Do you have your own unique style of yoga? Or maybe your own creative/artistic style?

Consider creating a certification program and teaching others your style! Certifications can range from a full on program down to a laser focused weekend intensive.

Whatever methods you choose, you always have to remember to put your mind and heart into it. It will only be successful if you remain passionate about what you do. 

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