2020 Home Business Ideas : 10 Ways To Start A Profitable Work-From-Home Business

10 Ways To Start A Profitable Work-From-Home Business
10 Ways To Start A Profitable Work-From-Home Business:

Working from home in pandemic can be more interesting and fun at a time when social distancing may be important, more people than ever very glad to stay at home for work. Thankfully, there are many home based business ideas you can start today.

while there are plenty of ways to go about starting a Home Based Business, the following are some of the most approachable paths to creating a home business for yourself:

10 Ways To Start A Home Business:

1. Sell homemade products online:

This is one of the best business ideas you can turn your passion into business.

you can create your products which you are in expert and sell them out. in order to sell more you can make them more cost-effective and quality products.

Whether you want to start on a marketplace or want to build your own branded storefront, selling your creative products is a great way to share your passion with others and make money too.

Places you can sell your handmade products:

  1. Candles
  2. Cosmetics
  3. Art
  4. Food
  5. Apparel

2. Buy products in bulk and sell them online:

Most of the people these days tend to buy products online; it’s much easier then going to market.

Therefore, it’s only natural that this activity is growing more interest and desire for people to try it themselves.

AMAZON FBA and ALIBABA will be the best sources for this home based business ideas where you can buy cheap products from Alibaba and ship to Amazon FBA.

here you do not need any physical places to store products. Google for more information if you want to learn AMAZON FBA Business Model and how it work?

3. Dance Instructor:

This is another home business ideas you can start today: you can offer dance classes from home online.

With this business idea you get started either by setting  up a studio in your home or renting a space. Or you can offer dance instruction virtually through video courses.

There are various video calling application which provides facilities to connect with thousands of people online and you can teach dance online by video dance instructor.

4. Social Media Consultant:

This is my fab business ideas. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr are popular not just for business use, but also for individuals who simply enjoy using them.

Add consultant to the list of ideas you can start to help other businesses using Facebook, Instagram, shape and carry out their social media strategies.

This is best for the part time side business recommended for students.

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5. Starting a YouTube Channel:

Blogging is my fab and just like blogging, YouTube can also be a great way to promote your knowledge and experiences online and making money from them.

It’s important to note that YouTube recently made some policy changes in January 2018 that impact how content creators make money on YouTube.

you can start making money on YouTube when your videos complete 4000 hours of watch time in one year and 1000 subscribers.

For this reason, you’ll really need to invest into your channel before you see meaningful income so work harder.

6. Online Teaching & Tutoring:

Online teachers and tutors are in huge demand in the age of Internet, which makes this a particularly great home business idea.

You can teach students of virtually all ages and all across the world. Most online teaching and tutoring jobs are done over video specially in this time.

There are various ways to teach online:

  1. Skype
  2. Google Hangouts,
  3. WizIQ

You can charge depending upon your experience in teaching.You can have students pay you directly via PayPal or bank transfer.

7. Freelance Writer

Businesses are busier than ever creating new content due to the continuing success of content marketing in getting companies found online.

There are a huge demands for freelance writer and India is the second most freelancer marketplace.

As a freelance content writer you need to decide on the niche you wish to write in such as quotes creator, blog writing.

Freelance content writers are either paid per article or per word count. You can choose your price.

If a company likes your writing and wants to continue creating content, they will contact you to create content for a period of time.

Finding six or seven companies that will contact you for long periods of time will provide consistent income while you grow your online brand.

8. Voice Over Work:

We’ve all seen Cartoons, YouTube videos, Netflix or Amazon Prime shows where a narrator is describing the scene or event, but is never seen. This person is called a voice over actors.

There are several ways to join voice over work:

  1. Kidscasting.com:
  2. Mandy.com:
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9. Publishing eBooks

If you want to earn more than just a freelance writer then you can publish your own eBooks and sell them online via Amazon.

However, it is not that easy as it may sound. People are not going to buy your ebooks if it isn’t worth reading.

You can’t expect people to pay for an ebook that doesn’t solve their problems.

But if you are able to offer people something new in your eBook then it can sell like a hot cake.

10. Online Journalist:

You don’t need a college degree in journalism or mass media to become an online news correspondent.

There are hundreds of web journals and media houses who are willing to pay contributors for each article they write for their website.

If you got a story then you can pitch it to websites like HuffPost, BuzzFeed, Examiner, etc.

They compensate you based on ad revenue generated by articles written by you. You can contribute to different websites weekly and earn a decent income. so what are you waiting for?

So there were 10 best home business ideas with minimum investment or zero investment. You can pick just one ideas out of 10 and start your home business today.

Thank you !

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